Feel the fear…

in the metro

That is and still is, what my mum always says, and my goodness does she live by it. Its her greatest quality as she lets nothing hold her back. I am definitely not as brave as my mother but here I am…it has begun and I am absolutely feeling the fear!

The very first post. My goodness it is an absolute minefield of information out there. A lot of it way over my head. So there is definitely a journey ahead of me with a lot to learn. But for now it is me and this post. Simply just me and you.

Why the jump to a blog? Honestly and simply because I love it. I love sharing bits of thoughts and photos from my everyday. I love the connection with other people. It still amazes me how it all just works. But most of all I am in awe of the communities that are built upon it.

Untitled design (2) My social media journey started for me, back with Bebo, actually no, before that is was MySpace! Then followed Bebo and Facebook. Each one offering something new, something different. Being able to communicate and share information across the internet was just simply so new. Life before children, where social media was concerned for me, were posts full of nights out and hungover pictures of Irish fry ups. During episodes of travelling, there were lots of beautiful photos of exotic places I only reminisce about now. Then along came the man and the brood. For a while, before the brood, the party and travel pics continued but as the brood grew those posts soon filled up with photos of the reality of motherhood. Wrapped bundles, little feet, cups of coffee, first steps, tantrums, cups of coffee, lego creations, painted walls, cups of coffee….but all of it full of love, laughter and pure lawlessness!

I moved to Instagram and began to discover worlds of other mums. Young mums, older mums, vegan mums, fitness mums, funny mums, fashion mums, beauty mums, cool moms, real mums. Real mums!!…all of them real mums. And reading about what they had individually to share fascinated me. Different experiences offering different advice.

All kinds of perspectives and opinions.

So here I am.

Sharing mine and hoping you find it somewhat interesting.





12 thoughts on “Feel the fear…

  1. Gill says:

    Hi Madeline, congrats and can’t wait to read more and to follw you. I have an American girlfriend here, your age and also with three boys, but I’m always interested in my Neices and Nephews and great N & N too.
    So how do I go about following you? Enjoy , Gill xxx


    • amomamongmen1 says:

      Hi Gillian, Hope you’re well. If you go to the sidebar and enter your email the blog posts will go directly to your email account. Alternatively, follow the amomamongmen facebook page as all posts will go there also. Thanks for the well wishes. I’ve no doubt your american friend will identify with a lot of what I’ll blog about lol! x


  2. Andrea says:

    Oooo love it Madeline! Big huge congrats on the blog and ‘feeling the fear, but doing it anyway’. Looking forward to your posts already, best of luck I’m sure people will love it xxxxx


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